Barrister Insurance Cover

Barristers in the United Kingdom have incredibly demanding jobs. They are specialists who represent organisations or individuals in court. As specialists for advocacy,  barristers takes direction from a solicitor or some other named professional. A barrister offers advice to their professional clients, who are in many cases solicitors. A barrister has the right of audience in all UK courts, they work for a full range of various clients throughout the year, and there are approximately 10,500 practicing at the bar.

Most barristers work as self-employed agents and specialise in different areas of law like criminal, commercial, common (including housing, personal injury and family law) and chancery law. There are also barristers working in public and private organisations.

Because a barrister has a full range of work activities including interpreting and understanding the law, managing and mastering cases; researching major points involving the law; advising professionals and solicitors and write opinions; holding client conferences, preparing legal arguments and getting ready for court; presenting in court; cross-examining and examining witnesses; giving advice on evidence and matters of the law; drafting legal documents and negotiating settlements, proper insurance cover for any barrister is crucial.

Perhaps one of the most important roles a barrister plays is giving opinions on issues that are in dispute between parties, and most allegations of professional negligence stem from this particular role. Since there is really nothing to guide what might be law that is ground breaking for a barrister to fall back on (previously, the courts would not even consider a professional negligence claim against a barrister; however, that no longer applies), a barrister now faces the chance of being sued for professional negligence just like others who give professional advice. Like other professional people barristers now have the option of going to the Internet and exploring their insurance options, and it is highly advisable that they take advantage of this option; cover for a range of indemnity limits can be found online such as ......

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance will likely afford protection to you from claims by any dissatisfied clients. It would likely cover, for example, if you misquoted a person or third party, gave guaranteed advice that failed to be validated or accidentally infringed on a third parties rights. It is simply not possible to cover every eventuality, and claims could financially ruin individuals and small businesses should they prove to be held liable. Professional Indemnity Insurance will likely cover breach of a duty of care or negligence, negligent misrepresentation or negligent misstatement, intellectual property rights infringements by yourself or your partners, employees, or freelancers or even, in some cases, someone's intentional dishonesty.

In additional, Professional Indemnity Insurance will likely cover liabilities for services provided for welfare matters that could involve community care, mental health, consumer rights, family law, debt and money, health, planning, welfare and housing benefits, drugs and alcohol, prisoners' rights, education, health, education, employment, homelessness and immigration/nationally and energy. The policy may also cover your or your business's legal responsibilities regarding libel and slander, document loss and employee dishonesty. Under normal circumstances, however, it would not cover a claim made against the business for wrongful acts should they be committed by a trustee, officer or director. You should check policies carefully to ensure that they covered all your own requirements.

Cover for barristers is typically available at approximately 2.5M, with the option to increase with what is called Excess Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Employers' Liability Insurance

Employers' Liability Insurance is a legal requirement if you have one employee or more. Should an employee be injured whilst working for you, he or she can file a claim against you but Employers' Liability Insurance will likely help meet the expense or compensation and/or legal fees.

Employers liability insurance will likely cover you if any of your employees have an accident or become ill whilst employed by you and makes a claim against you. Keep in mind that if an employee becomes ill because of his employment by you, a claim can be filed even if he or she no longer works for you. Employers liability insurance will probably help meet the costs of compensation or legal fees for employees who are injured or made ill at work through the fault of the employer and the standard cover for barristers is approximately 10M. Because Employers' Liability Insurance is mandatory, an employer must openly display an issued certificate that gives details about the insurance cover, and it must be located in a spot where all employees can read it.

Business Interruption Insurance is another recommended cover for self-employed barristers who may become ill or injured and not able to work for a while. Business Interruption Insurance will probably help with financial support in the event of losses caused by an insured event preventing normal business from continuing for a period.

It can't be stressed enough that in order to have as much legal protection as possible in the way of insurance, it is vital to check a proposed policy extremely carefully and to make certain that you are clear about what is covered, and perhaps more importantly what is not.

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