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Insurance for United Kingdom Carpet Cleaners

Carpets in a home add a certain distinct look to the room they are placed in. They are an investment that must be looked after. Once they are stained or damaged, the whole room takes on a less esthetically pleasing appearance. Rather than the carpet being the center of attention, it becomes a major eyesore. That's why United Kingdom carpet cleaners are so valued. They can take a rug that has seen better days and have it looking as good as new.

Whilst not all good carpet and upholstery cleaners are members of the National Carpet Cleaners Association, anyone starting a carpet cleaning business should seriously consider joining. Members of the NCCA have been trained and their insurance credentials have been verified as adequate minimums that a consumer should expect.

Carpet cleaners in the UK do their best to restore carpets to their original look, but just like any tradesman, mistakes can happen and the work done by the carpet cleaner may not be acceptable. Perhaps in the process of cleaning, a third party entered the premises and tripped, injuring himself. Perhaps the chemicals used to clean the carpet were faulty, causing the carpet to fade or fall apart. Or perhaps an employee cleaning the carpet fell ill because of an allergy to certain chemicals that had gone unnoticed. All of these examples are causes for a person to file a claim against the carpet cleaner's business or the carpet cleaner. That's why a carpet cleaner must be protected with insurance. Don't be 'called on the carpet' because you don't have the proper insurance for your carpet cleaning business. If you check the Internet for Tradesmen Business Insurance or Insurance for Carpet Cleaners, you'll find many insurance companies that have information as to the types of cover you need to protect yourself and your business. When you have a package in mind, ask the insurance broker to send you a detailed policy and a quote, so that you can decide what insurance package best suit your needs. The following types of insurance are highly recommended for any small business including carpet cleaning.

Public Liability Insurance

Whilst it is not mandatory to have Public Liability Insurance in the UK, it is high advised for carpet cleaning contractors to carry it. It is not that expensive and provides protection of your assets. The risks of a member of the public tripping on hoses, furniture, etc., or the chances of damages to a carpet, floor, curtains or other items that could fall and break is relatively high in the carpet cleaning business. If a claim is made for damages or injuries, without insurance, it would be almost impossible for you to settle a claim that could be awarded for thousands of pounds. Public Liability Insurance will likely protect you from any claim as a result of injury to a third party or damages to their property. It will also likely cover all legal fees involved. The suggested amount of coverage is usually 2 to 5 million. Since your carpet cleaning business probably takes place outside of your place of business on many occasions, make sure that the policy applies to off-work as well as on-site claims.

In addition to Public Liability Insurance, claims can also come about because of a defective product. Public liability cover can also be extended to include claims arising out of defective products, often referred to as Treatment Risk Product Liability insurance. This policy will likely cover carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, curtain cleaning, leather cleaning, custom cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning, carpet repair, Oriental rug cleaning, transportation of curtains and rugs, storage of curtains and rugs and any application of treatments like protectors, dust mite treatments, flame retardants, anti-static agents and insect proofing applications. Unfortunately UK newspapers report many stories relating to professional errors and negligence, which have created a less than desirable result for the carpet cleaner and the client involved. It's important to have coverage like Product Liability that will probably handle claims such as these as well as legal fees involved. The amount of necessary cover should be discussed with your insurance agent or addressed online by filling out information about your carpet cleaning business.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance protects you against human error or negligent practices because of advice you offered. This advice could create a situation that is detrimental to the client and the professional hired to perform the services.

As a carpet cleaner running a business or offering a service, Professional Indemnity is a wise choice, although not mandatory, it will likely ensure that your business and you are protected should an unforeseen incident that could occur because of the advice you gave that results in a potential claim against you. Remember, any profession or person, who offers advice or other services could, because of negligence, be sued whilst providing that service. To find out how much Professional Indemnity you might need and the premium involved, look for "Professional Indemnity Insurance" insurance brokers on line.

Employers' Liability Insurance

If your cleaning company has employees, it is a legal requirement to have Employers' Liability Insurance. It provides cover of 10 million or more should an injury or illness occur to an employee. As an employer, you are responsibility for the safety and well being of your workers. Should you be found liable because of an accident or illness, a claim could be filed against you resulting in thousands of pounds in compensation. In the event of an employee claim, Employers' Liability will likely cover the claim and legal expenses involved. Keep in mind, even if an employee is no longer a member of your staff and falls ill due to a work related issue, he has the right to file a claim after the fact. Keep detailed records of all of your employees whether still employed or not.

Additional Supplemental Insurances Rug Cleaners May Consider

The above insurances, if not mandatory like Employers' Liability, are strongly advised for carpet cleaners. By checking insurance companies on the Internet, you will find that many packages will probably include the above, and by purchasing a package, you can sometimes save money on your premiums.

In addition to these insurance you might also want to look into insurance that will cover business contents that might be damaged whilst stored in your premises, insurance for tools and equipment that might be damaged whilst away from premises, and Business Interrupted Insurance that will likely help cover damages should you experience an event that puts you out of business for a while. Remember, any research you do online should be followed up with a request for a complete policy that you can examine and determine if it is best for your carpet cleaning company.

Remember that every insurance policy is different. ALWAYS read the policy carefully to make sure that it has the right cover for you!

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