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Commercial Combined Insurance in the United Kingdom

Many businesses in the United Kingdom rely on commercial combined insurance. This type of insurance is a variety of covers that are sold as one insurance package to businesses that require risk protection under numerous categories. When packaged as commercial combined insurance, insurers usually offer more competitive rates. Because there is only one premium, a business will usually have an easier time of managing the policy.

Types of Cover Most Likely Available Under Commercial Combined Insurance include:
Property Damage All Risk, which covers rent, buildings, in trade stocks, contents and other specified property that is assigned in an 'all risk' category.

Business Interruption is also included. This cover any losses that are a result of an interruption in a business that causes a loss of property or damages to property under an all risk basis. It also covers all risk for business equipment and goods that are determined by a client.

Employers' Liability is a part of the package, as it usually covers a client for legal liability in the event that any employed person is injured whilst on the job.

Public liability is generally included to protect a client from any legal discrepancies due to damage to property or accidental injury to a person due to business interactions.

Product liability will usually cover a client against accidental injury to a person or to a person's property that was a result of use of a certain product.

In many commercial combined insurance cover in the UK, legal expenses are also part of the package, for in most cases, up to 50,000 for safety and health issue, data and tax protection, criminal alterations, employment, property or contract disputes and claims due to a personal injury.

Additional cover may also include contracted work, which includes damage or destruction, fidelity guarantee, which covers a client in the event that money or goods are forfeited because of an dishonest or criminal act on the part on any employee. Any loss of licence could also be included that would usually protect a client for any expense required to appeal a loss to a business that was caused by circumstances that go beyond his or her control.

Added commercial combined insurance can also include group personal accident, which covers a client should any bodily injury occur, and directors and officers cover usually insures that any member of the client's board, including managers, officers and directors be covered in the event of omission or acts that lead to their dismal from a designated position.

Business travel is also usually considered part of a commercial combined insurance package, as it covers business travel for clients and includes expenses for unforeseen hospital and medical expenses whilst traveling, disruption in travel plans or cancellation, passports, credit cards, money, travellers' cheques, and other travel documents, any unexpected accidents, personal liability, as well as any legal expenses involved.

To make sure that you are aware of the best commercial combined insurance policies in the UK, please refer to the following websites.

Remember that every insurance policy is different. ALWAYS read the policy carefully to make sure that it has the right cover for you!

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