Commercial Property Insurance

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If you own one or more commercial properties such as manufacturing units, storage depots, leisure facilities etc you know that the risks you face are not just the usual ones such as fire, flood, malicious damage etc; this is now a litigious country and personal injury cover has to be considered, as well as employers' liability and public liability; loss of receivable rents can be made worse if you have to find alternative accommodation for tenants, sometimes at short notice; equipment can break down leaving parts of a building unusable, boilers can burst causing major damage and disruption; even emergency services such as the fire brigade can cause unavoidable damage to a building, it's contents or the surrounding area. Fortunately there are specialist insurers who can usually cover most or all of these possibilities and sometimes many more too.

If you have reasonably modern buildings and require a standard policy at a competitive price you could buy one online. If you have a more difficult portfolio with, perhaps, greater-than-average risks you will need to discuss this with a specialist broker and Insurance Choice have a lot of experience in this type of business; you can ring them on

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