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Personal trainer? You'll need insurance!


Becoming a personal training is extremely rewarding because your clients for the most part respect you for being able to transform a body that they are unhappy with to one they are proud of and to give them independence, confidence and the ability to control their bodies and their lives. When clients tell you because of your help, they have lost another four or five pounds, or achieved another lifetime goal, it truly is a wonderful feeling to know that you have helped them in the process of becoming who they want to be.

Person trainers work out of their homes, in studios that they own, in client's homes, or for larger gyms and workout centres throughout the United Kingdom. What is important to note is that for the ten client that are fabulous students, who really want to make changes in their bodies and in their health, there is always one looking to sue you. That is why personal trainer insurance is necessary. If you choose to work in a gym or workout centre, you have to have insurance, because many facilities won't allow you to work without it. Because of the risk of injury to a client, or someone entering your home or place of business, Public Liability Insurance is crucial. If you work for a gym, or training centre, Professional Liability insurance is a must, and if you have employees working for you, whether they are freelance, contracted, students in training or volunteers, you need to have Employers' Liability Insurance, because it is mandatory.

Personal Trainer Professional Liability Insurance

This insurance offers protection for you and anyone named on your policy from a claim filed by a client due to an injury because of your training. Say, for example, you have assigned a workout program to a client that calls for one mile of jogging or walking each day. That person suffers an injury whilst carrying out your assignment. That client can file a claim against you and your business because of the injury. If you don't carry Personal Trainer Professional Liability Insurance, you have no protection at all, and the claim and legal expenses involved could add up to thousands of pounds or even cause you to lose your business. With this insurance, you will likely be defended in court by your insurance company, and the insurance company will also likely pay for all damages and legal fees. If you work for a gym, it is imperative to find out if you are protected by their insurance cover. If you're not, ask them what you need in the way of insurance to protect yourself. By shopping around for Personal Trainer Professional Liability Insurance on the Internet, you will find packages that should suit your needs.

Public Liability Insurance

If someone other than a client is injured or suffers damage to their property that is caused by your business, Public Liability Insurance will likely pay for that person's loss of earnings, loss of earnings in the future, and any damages that are awarded to the claimant, as well as likely cover legal fees for both you and the claimant should you be found at fault. Public Liability Insurance will also usually cover any incidents that take place outside of your business premises. As an example, a person is visiting your business and trips over exercise equipment or slips on a mat and you could be facing a substantial claim! In many cases Public Liability is offered as part of an insurance packages that also includes Professional Liability. Many insurance companies will offer at least 2m for compensation to a person due to an injury to damages to their property, which was caused by you or your business. Consider what level of cover you feel you may need and then look for options via the Internet.

Product Liability Insurance

This insurance will likely cover you and your business in the event that something you sell or supply is defective and causes an injury - let us say you have a treadmill that is brand new, but because of an unknown defect, it injures a client. That client can file a claim that you will likely be liable for.

Employers' Liability Insurance

If you employ anyone, this insurance is mandatory in the United Kingdom. You are responsible for anyone working for you, whether part-time or full-time, freelance or contracted, or students or volunteers whilst they are working for you. Should they suffer an injury or become ill, they will likely try to claim compensation if they feel you are at fault. With Employers' Liability Insurance, the claim will probably be handled by your insurer, as well as legal expenses incurred which would be just as well; these claims are very difficult to defend since you would be considered at fault if health and safety rules were not only in place but were also working 100%! This insurance is compulsory under the Employers' Liability Act of 1969. It is recommended that an employer have at least 5m of cover, and many personal trainers will opt for 10m. You will also need a certificate of Employers' Liability Insurance that gives details as to the level of cover you have, the name of your business, etc. This certificate must be displayed in a place where all employees can read it and for inspectors who may visit your business. If you don't have Employers' Liability, you will be fined for each day you go without, and the fines are quite high.

Other insurances that a personal trainer might consider are Business Interruption Insurance that will probably offer protection should you as a business owner suffer a loss, Business Contents Insurance that will likely cover your business stock and contents, fittings and fixtures and personal effect of customers and employees because of a flood, theft, accidental damage or a fire as well, as cover for equipment that you might be transporting to a client's home.

Remember that every insurance policy is different. ALWAYS read the policy carefully to make sure that it has the right cover for you!

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