Photographers' Insurance Cover

Photographers capture the essence of life in a second. Their images are often memorable, emotional and stunning. Professional photographers shoot in all kinds of situations for all kinds of reasons. The are hired to photograph families, weddings, events, breaking news, wildlife, architecture and more.

As a tradesman, a photographer has an enormous amount of responsibility owed both to his clients and to himself. Clients rely on a photographer to produce quality, meaningful images that will serve a clients needs. In order to successfully carry out this mission, a photographer must have the right equipment and the right frame of mind to guarantee success and to deliver a product that will please a client.

It is imperative that a photographer have the necessary insurance package in order to have peace of mind whilst covering any assignment. There are many risks involved in the daily responsibilities of a photographer. There's the chance that valuable camera equipment could be lost or stolen. There's also the possibility that a client is not happy with the work performed. The equipment used on the day of the shoot could break down, leaving the photographer and client with poor quality or no photos at all. For these reasons and many others, it's to a photographer's advantage to explore the options available in the way of photographer insurance cover in the UK. There are many websites that offer insurance dedicated to photographers and many are specific to the types of services a photographer performs.

If you are a photographer in the United Kingdom, take a look at your business and marketing plan and research the insurance policies that are available to you online. When you find a package that you feel will work for you, contact the insurance broker and ask for a detailed account of the policy involved and discuss with the broker what options are best for the services you perform and the equipment you own. The following insurances are carried by most professional photographers with additional information about add-ons that might be additional cover options you might want to consider.

Public Liability Insurance

Public liability Insurance, although not mandatory, is really a 'must have' for the photography tradesman. Public Liability Insurance protects you from third party claims of damage to a person's property or injury a person may incur because of your service. As an example, a person watching a shoot could file a claim against you should a piece of equipment fall on him causing damage or an injury. Public Liability offers cover starting at 1 million, with the option to increase cover to 2, 5 or 10 million.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance is financial protection for you and your business, which likely includes the cost of defending any claims against you. Should a client suffer a financial loss because of alleged errors on your part, he can file a claim. Because you are a specialist, you owe "duty of care" to a client who is depending on your services. Say you shoot a wedding and the bride and groom are unhappy with the photographs you took, or you arrived at the wedding only to find your film or other equipment necessary to carry out the job had been stolen. The bride and groom could file a claim against you. Professional Indemnity Insurance will likely cover any settlement as well as legal expenses incurred.

Personal Accident Insurance

Photographers sometimes put themselves in precarious situations where an injury could occur. Should an injury occur whilst you are performing a job, you can likely be covered for death resulting, loss of limb or eye or total disablement. This type of insurance is usually included in a standard photographer's liability package, but it is best to read your policy and discuss Personal Accident Insurance with your broker to know the level of cover you may need.

Employers' Liability Insurance

If you have any employees under you as part-time, full-time, freelance, trainees, contract or otherwise, by law you will need Employers' Liability Insurance. This insurance will likely protect you in the event any employee is injured or falls ill whilst under your employment. If an employee falls ill after termination of employment with you, and that illness can be traced back to his employment with you, he can still file a claim holding you responsible for the illness.

Generally speaking, most photographers who have hired help carry approximately 10 million in cover. Because this insurance is mandatory, an employer must display a certificate claiming Employers' Liability Insurance that is visible to all employees.

Product Liability Insurance

Product Liability Insurance in the amount of 1 million with options to up cover to 2 or 5 million is available to photographers for protection against any legal liability, compensation fees and any expenses incurred following damage by goods or injury because of goods you have supplied, repaired, sold, delivered or tested in connection with you or your business. For example, you've devised a special flash to use at a wedding, which is found to be defective. You can be held liable and face owing thousand of dollars in a claim filed against you. Product Liability will likely cover the claim and legal expenses involved.

Other Insurance for Photographers

You can add cover for equipment, cover for shop fronts, glass and building, as well as fixed business property and equipment. There is also cover available for fixtures and fittings, film processing and darkroom equipment, portable business property and equipment and cover for video and lighting equipment, computer office equipment, rented equipment, portfolio cover, stock and material, and Business Interruption cover should your business experience an unforeseen event that closes it for a period of time.

With so many options that are reasonably important for a photographer to successfully and safely run his business, it is strongly advised that if you are in the market for insurance, you go to the websites of insurance companies that cover photographers and explore all of your options. As noted, there are 'must haves' as well as other add-ons that, for a small premium, should save you a lot of money and your business as well. Once you have decided on options that might work for you, discuss policy packages with an insurance broker whose specialty is providing cover for photographers.

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