Essential Insurance For Professionals

Every business tries to be the best they can be and nowhere is that more important than in customer satisfaction. Although you may do everything you possibly can, not every customer will be satisfied and many may take your business to court and attempt to give your company a bad name. Advertising and marketing organizations run the risk of infringement of copyrights and intellectual rights as well as ill affects of any advertising campaign. Consulting firms and engineering companies can quickly find themselves in lengthy court battles for several reasons even if they are found not to be liable for any wrongdoing. These are just a few of the many reasons why professional indemnity insurance is a necessity for several types of businesses in the United Kingdom.
 Professional indemnity cover is insurance against the many situations that can leave you and your business in a financially taxing and time consuming ordeal which can easily destroy your company's reputation - or even the company itself. Professional indemnity provides the financial backing and sometimes even the legal team to represent your business in these cases and is actually mandatory under most government contracts in the UK. Professional indemnity can protect your business from just about any claim from an unhappy client who alleges that the advice you have given has led to a loss and is particularly important in the advertising industry. Advertisers have the risk of the advertisement having a negative effect and the client suing or the material somehow infringing upon a copyright.
 Consultants and specifically IT consultants are at risk for lawsuits in which information or advice has lead to an undesired outcome. Even if the case turns out to be in your favour, the process of arguing and proving innocence can be a serious strain on all your resources and in the process you may lose even more business. IT consultants can be found liable for many types of costs associated with data loss, system failures and loss of revenue just to name a few. Engineering firms have several aspects to consider for professional indemnity insurance due to the fact that construction and engineering projects can lead to injury or loss to the public and the client. A third party engineering organization that designs a project that fails will have to prove that the design was not at fault and if it is, provide the proper compensation.

 Some other common claims for professional indemnity are theft and negligence. Theft of money or securities, directly by you or an employee can quickly ruin a companies reputation. Regardless of the outcome of the case, you need to be prepared financially to address each instance that will inevitably come. Professional indemnity providers often provide a team to advise you on your particular situation and help you through each claim including protecting your business's image and reputation.
 How much cover is required is a common concern and varies greatly depending on the type of business and what your specific risks are. It is very common that clients themselves will require a specific amount of professional indemnity protection before any work can begin and this amount will change depending on the type of work being performed. Government contracts are one example; in the UK most government contracts and consulting positions require at least 5 million in professional indemnity protection. In some cases it may be prudent to implement a retroactive indemnity policy to protect you against situations that may develop from past projects so the first step to protect your business's reputation and finances against these situations is to assess your needs -each situation is different but you should always carry as much protection as your business can realistically afford. Remember that every insurance policy is different. ALWAYS read the policy carefully to make sure that it has the right cover for you!


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