Essential Insurance For Shopkeepers

Are you a retailer? Anyone who runs a shop whether it's a street-corner newsagents or an out of town supermarket is at risk of theft, fire, vandalism, personal assault, compensation claims. A freezer could break down and thousands of pounds worth of stock could be destroyed overnight. A burst drain or water main could stop customers reaching your store. A supplier could deliver contaminated foodstuffs and your reputation could be destroyed with the morning newspapers - the list of risks go on and on! A good policy should cover you for all these risks and more, and include free advice lines and emergency assistance with legal advisors and such essential tradesmen as glazers, locksmiths, refrigeration engineers, plumbers etc available at short notice. The building you work in needs to be covered against damage or destruction by fire, flood, malicious damage etc., any goods you have in transit can be stolen, damaged or lost in an accident or ruined by being held up for too long by labour disputes. Fortunately there are specialised insurance schemes available for retailers so that you can cover all conceivable risks with one policy.

 Retailers who need shop insurance include hairdressers; clothiers and outfitters; grocers and provisions; sandwich bars (where there is no cooking involved); carpet and floorcovering; fancy goods; furniture dealers; newsagents; butchers and poulterers; florists.


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