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Qualities and skills needed for success as a driving instructor

There are some specific qualities and skills needed for success as a driving instructor. If you don’t have these qualities then you most likely will not do very well in this career. Numerous driving schools are available to train you in the basic technical skills needed. However, only you can provide the actual qualities and innate skills needed for success.

One essential trait you must have is a high level of patience. If you’re thinking just an average level of patience is enough, then you had best reconsider. It requires extraordinary levels of patience to effectively teach any subject. However, when you’re giving driving lessons, you may have to repeat the same lesson many times before the student gets the hang of performing the manoeuvres. You’ll also need patience, as well as fortitude when the pupil inadvertently endangers your life through sheer stupidity. Another reason you may need patience is because may have to endure other people’s prejudices and ill-mannered behaviour.

Another essential quality is a love and high capacity for teaching and learning. You’ll have to constantly be learning new sales and marketing techniques, driving regulations, and teaching methods. You’ll have to love teaching because you may have lessons scheduled at times when you may not feel like working. Also, there may be times that the only work reward is the knowledge that you’ve helped someone learn a vital lesson.

To be a successful driving instructor, you’ll also need a wide variety of interpersonal skills. You must be perceptive enough to accurately interpret other people’s emotions, actions, and reactions. You must be compassionate and considerate when giving constructive feedback to your students. You must understand of your students’ needs. You also must be very tolerant of other people’s lifestyles and belief systems.

Exceptional communication skills are also required. You’ll need to use excellent verbal and non-verbal language skills. This includes accurately using and interpreting body language. It also means using excellent listening skills.

Additionally, since almost all driving instructors are self-employed, you’ll need to be very enterprising. You’ll need good business administration skills. You’ll be overseeing marketing, customer service, business finances, and keeping adequate records, as well as managing several other aspects of a small business. You’ll also need lots of determination and drive, as well as good self-discipline in order to succeed. Moreover, you will need exceptional driving skills, and have to be properly trained as an instructor. However, if you have these qualities and skills then you’ll likely be a very successful U.K. driving instructor.

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